Prof. Corinne CHARLIER

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Corinne Charlier has been the Advisor to the Rector on Hospital-University Affairs since 1st October 2022.  In this capacity, she is responsible for strengthening relations between the University Hospital Centre (CHU) of Liège and the University of Liège, in close collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and the Medical Council of the CHU of Liège.

Corinne Charlier is a pharmacist specialising in clinical biology, has a doctorate in experimental biomedical sciences and is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine. She is developing research on the impact of exposure to environmental pollutants (especially endocrine disruptors) and drugs on human health. Since 2004, she has been Head of the Clinical, Forensic, Environmental and Corporate Toxicology Department at the University Hospital of Liege. In addition, she has been Vice-President of the Medical Council of the CHU of Liège since 2011 and became President of the Clinical Biology Department the same year.

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