The University of Liège is proud to unveil its brand new Gender Equality Status Report 2022-2023, a publication highlighting the progress and initiatives deployed in the field of gender policy within our Institution.

Written by the University's gender contact person, Elena Chane-Alune, the report is intended to be as comprehensive as possible. Covering the period 2022-2023, it offers a detailed overview of the progress made, the concrete actions undertaken and the institutional measures needed to actively promote gender equality at ULiège. Designed to make a range of essential data accessible, it is intended not only for the University's internal stakeholders, but also for external bodies in charge of higher education and research within the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

The first part of the report provides an analysis of the evolution of the different cohorts of the university community, both in terms of students and staff. You will also discover crucial data on the proportion of women occupying various strategic positions and seats on our institution's decision-making bodies.

After presenting the figures, the second part of this report highlights the main initiatives put in place by the University during the 2022-2023 academic year to promote gender equality, both internally and globally.

We cordially invite you to explore this information-rich document, which is an essential resource for understanding the current state of gender equality at ULiège and the steps being taken to foster an equitable academic community.

Printed versions are available on request, please contact:

Together, let's continue to work for a more inclusive, more diverse and more egalitarian University of Liège.

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updated on 12/19/23

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