As a public university open to the world and is anchored in the scientific, cultural and economic development of its region, the University of Liège relies on its three pillars: teaching, research and civic engagement.


The University of Liège is the comprehensive public university of the Wallonie-Brussels Federation. It reflects two centuries of renowned teaching and academic research, as well as an intellectual tradition which has put Liège on the map since the Middle Ages.
ULiège is one of the leading universities in Belgium. Since its inception in 1817, it has developed an association with the scientific, economic and cultural development of the country.

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Sharing Strong Values

Apart from any convictional affiliation, ULiège offers a wide range of high-quality programmes, including several exclusivities in French-speaking Belgium such as space science and clinical training in veterinary medicine.

As a public university, ULiège is resolutely citizen-oriented and resonates with the questions that are relevant to the City and engage citizens throughout their life journey.

Open to the City, ULiège contributes to a denser, more active citizenship through the dissemination of its knowledge, to its debate and through the organisation of platforms and poles associating citizens, researchers and outside circles.
The pluralism that characterises ULiège is reflected in the freedom to think, teach and research, while respecting the democratic opinions of all. It is accompanied by a requirement to respect the diversity and non-discrimination of gender, origins, cultures, political or sexual orientations, statuses or disabilities.

ULiège is convinced that a pluralistic society that integrates our differences, promotes more harmonious social interactions and enriches each individual.

Entering Its Region Into the Knowledge Society

In societies going through accelerated and profound changes, the University of Liège wants to be in constant motion in order to anticipate and adapt to the world's evolutions. It promotes an Open Access culture, supports innovation and stimulates creativity in the various fields of science and technology, the human and life sciences, and the arts and culture.
ULiège is committed to the economic and social development of the Liège metropolis. It fosters the transfer of technology and research development projects in order to create new activities and skilled jobs. In addition, it is in constant contact with businesses and institutions including the CHU of Liège, the region's largest employer.

ULiège is in Close Connection with Businesses and Innovation

Working at ULiège: Advantages and Job Opportunities

Opening up to the world

Located in Liège (at the gates of Germany and the Netherlands), in Gembloux (at the gates of Namur, capital of Wallonia, and Brussels, Belgian and European capital) and Arlon (at the gates of Luxembourg and France), the University of Liège is located in the heart of Europe.  Its mission is to develop cross-border collaborations within the Euroregions (Eurogio Meuse-Rhine and Grande Région).
ULiège is also part of the major European and international mobility and scientific excellence networks. This avails its community to multiple opportunities for international research and study programmes:
In Liège, students and researchers encounter a multilingual and multicultural academic environment.

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