The only complete public university in French-speaking Belgium, the University of Liège includes 11 Faculties, located throughout 4 campuses. Within each Faculty, the management of teaching activities is entrusted to the Departments, and the management of research activities, to the Research Units.

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The Department is a coherent whole that, within a faculty, brings together all those who identify with the same discipline or a single field of study, as well as the administrative, technical and labour staff who are administratively attached. The department includes a general assembly - bringing together all members of the teaching, scientific and administrative, technical, and labour staff that are attached to it as well as the student representatives -, a council that ensures the departmental management, and an executive office. Each department sets its own internal regulations.

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Research units

The research units are either faculty (URf) or interfaculty (URi). They include researchers around specific and promising themes, in a dynamic of pooling of resources. ULiège currently has 45 faculty research units and 10 interfaculty research units. The research units may find themselves labelled to become institutional research units (URinst).