The University of Liège has been established for two centuries in the heart of an ancient city and former capital of a State, the Principality of Liège, itself a renowned intellectual centre since the Middle Ages. With a rich historical and intellectual tradition, the Ulg has roots that stretch back long before its founding in 1817 as a State University under the Dutch system.

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he foundation of the University of Liège is to be compared with the establishment that same year in the Liège basin, by the English industrialist John Cockerill, of the first steel and metallurgical plants, which has long been behind the prosperity of the region, making it in the 19th century the second world industrial power.

From its origins, the University of Liège was already closely associated with regional development and national prosperity, that of Belgium from 1830.

This characteristic remains today, with ULiège playing an essential role in the development of human skills through its training programmes, as well as through its scientific, cultural, and economic projects in a metropolis, Liège, and a region, Wallonia, in renewal.

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