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Biomass and Green Technologies


Aurore Richel (F)is PhD in chemistry. She is currently Full Professor and head of the Laboratory of Biomass and Green Technologies at the University of Liege (Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech). The laboratory is engaged in research and education in the field of the chemistry of renewable resources and associated technologies. A. Richel is involved in more than 15 national and international projects related to the production of bioenergy and bioproducts, including the design of innovative pretreatment protocols for the cracking of lignocellulosic materials, the formulation of novel "biomass-energy" solutions (including liquid transportation biofuels - jetfuels - and energy vectors including hydrogen), as well as the upgrade of lignin for high-added value applications. She set up in 2018 an international platform dedicated to biomass and related technologies in collaboration with Kobe University (Japan) and Texas A&M (US). She is the authors of more than 100 publications in international journals, several book chapters, patents, as well as a book dedicated to Lignin and Hemicelluloses In Biorefinery (CRC press). She is also active in the vulgarization of chemistry, notably via her personal website ( She is currently managing a MOOC dedicated to "Biomass and Green Chemistry". 

ULiège Course

Chimie verte, 5h Th, 20h Pr, RICHEL Aurore

Biological chemistry and corresponding processes engineering, Introduction, 16h Th, 23h Pr, 2h EXCU, RICHEL Aurore

Biological chemistry and corresponding processes engineering
- Introduction, 16h Th, 23h Pr, 2h EXCU, RICHEL Aurore
- Approfondissement, 12h Th, RICHEL Aurore

Extraction, purification, characterization and valorization of biosourced molecules , 4h Th, 36h Pr, DAMBLON Christian, FAUCONNIER Marie-Laure, FOCANT Jean-François, QUINTON Loïc, RICHEL Aurore

Chimie des ressources renouvelables, 36h Th, RICHEL Aurore

Practice of natural product chemistry, Q2, 3h Th, 35h Pr, RICHEL Aurore

Practice of natural product chemistry, Q1, 3h Th, 35h Pr, RICHEL Aurore

Question avancée de génie chimique : Biotechnologie, 30h Th, 10h Pr, 30h Proj., 1j T. t., DELVIGNE Frank, RICHEL Aurore, TOYE Dominique

Chemistry of bioenergy production, 84h Th, RICHEL Aurore