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ADAM Renaud

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Historian of early modern books, Renaud Adam is in charge of the ULiege Library's digitization unit. He is also a scientific collaborator in the Modern History Department.

He has worked for various Belgian and foreign public institutions: Royal Library of Belgium, University Library Moretus Plantin in Namur, FNRS, University of Liège and the Centre d'études supérieures de la Renaissance in Tours. He also has experience of the art market, having worked for Arenberg Auctions (Brussels) for three years.

He also teaches History of the Book at the Institut de promotion sociale de la province de Liège, librarian section, and taught the course History of the Book in the Renaissance between 2012 and 2019.

His work focuses mainly on the book ecosystem in the former Low Countries (15th-17th centuries), with particular attention to socioeconomic issues, cultural transfers and the reception of Italian culture. He has addressed these themes in several books, including Vivre et imprimer dans les Pays-Bas méridionaux (des origines à la Réforme), published by Brepols in 2018 - awarded the prestigious 2022 ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography (3rd prize) - ; Lectures italiennes dans les pays wallons à la première modernité (1500-1630), co-authored with Nicole Bingen (Haute école Francisco Ferrer, Brussels) and published in the Études Renaissantes collection by the Centre d'Etudes Supérieures de la Renaissance de Tours; as well as two works dedicated to printer Thierry Martens (ca1446-1534) - one of which in collaboration with Alexandre Vanautgaerden (Académie royale de Belgique). He has also edited with Chiara Lastraioli (CESR Tours) Itinéraires du livre italien à la Renaissance, which explores the underlying mechanisms of the diffusion of the Italian Renaissance to the confines of the French-speaking world through the prism of the circulation and consumption of Italian literature, whether in the original language or in French.

For several years now, he has also been interested in questions of censorship and the ways in which it is expressed, notably in the essay Le théâtre de la censure (XVIe et XXIe siècles). De l'ère typographique à l'ère numérique (Royal Academy of Belgium, 2020).

Renaud Adam is the current secretary of the FNRS contact group Documents rares et précieux and former co-director of the FNRS contact group ModerNum. Réseau des modernistes francophones de Belgique.

Research field

  • Histoire des temps modernes

Duties or mandates

  • Collaborateur scientifique au service d'Histoire moderne
  • Member of the Centre Gabriel Naudé (enssib - Lyons)

Scientific distinctions

  • 3e prix du Breslauer Prize for Bibliography ( (2022)