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Langue néerlandaise moderne et linguistique synchronique
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Bât. A2 Langue néerlandaise moderne et linguistique synchronique
place Cockerill 3-5
4000 Liège
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+32 4 3665837
Conseil sectoriel à la recherche et à la valorisation
Sciences humaines

University degrees
2002: Licence en langues et littératures germaniques (Université de Liège)
2006: Doctorat en linguistique (Université catholique de Louvain)


Julien Perrez is an associate professor of Dutch linguistics at the University of Liege. Since the beginning of his scientific career, he has built up expertise in different domains of linguistic analysis. In his PhD-research, he studied the impact of causal and contrastive connectives on L2 text comprehension, and subsequently dealt with theoretical concepts such as discourse coherence and mental text representation. Since 2008, he is active in the field of cognitive linguistics. He more specifically developed a collaboration with professor Maarten Lemmens (Université Lille 3), focusing on the linguistic expression of spatial relations in typologically different languages (in this case French and Dutch) and trying to understand the role of the spatial domain in the construction of our cognition (for example through conceptual metaphors), but also, how learners construct locative-events when learning a typologically different language. Together, they have published in international peer-reviewed journals such as Cognitive Linguistics, Cognitextes and Review of Cognitive Linguistics.

Since 2011, Julien Perrez has also developed an interdisciplinary research with political scientist prof. dr. Min Reuchamps (UCLouvain) on the use of conceptual metaphors in political discourse and their impact on citizens¿ representations. In the wake of this interdisciplinary research, Min Reuchamps and Julien Perrez founded together a FNRS contact group, ¿Langue(s) & Politique(s)¿, gathering 70 Belgian and international scholars, from a broad range of disciplines, interested in the interactions between language(s) and politics/polities/policies. This resulted in a large and growing scientific network and the organization of two international conferences on political metaphors (2014, 2016). In 2015, they obtained a 4-year FNRS-PDR grant for a research project entitled « A discursive approach of the paradox of federalism in linguistically divided democracies: Diachronic and synchronic analyses of state reforms¿ discourses and their impact in Belgium » [ADAPOF]. In the framework of this project, Julien Perrez and Min Reuchamps are supervising one phd-researcher and one post-doc researcher. This interdisciplinary research project has led to several publications.

Research field

  • Linguistique appliquée
  • Langue et littérature néerlandaises
  • Linguistique générale
  • Sociolinguistique
  • Sémantique langages naturels

Duties or mandates

  • Head of the modern languages department

ULiège Course

Corpus textuels : principes de constitution et d'analyse, 30h Th, LONGRÉE Dominique, PERREZ Julien

Langue néerlandaise II, 30h Th, PERREZ Julien

Linguistique néerlandaise I, 30h Th, PERREZ Julien

Langue néerlandaise approfondie, 30h Th, PERREZ Julien

Linguistique néerlandaise II, 30h Th, PERREZ Julien

Linguistique néerlandaise II et pratique de la langue néerlandaise III
- Linguistique néerlandaise II, 30h Th, PERREZ Julien
- Pratique de la langue néerlandaise III, 30h Th, GAUTHIER Justine

Linguistique synchronique néerlandaise a : Ruimte, taal en cognitie, 30h Th, PERREZ Julien

Questions de typologie des langues et universaux du langage, 30h Th, PERREZ Julien, RASIER Laurent

Semantics: selected topics (including topics of discourse analysis), 30h Th, PERREZ Julien

Séminaire : questions méthodologiques de la linguistique contemporaine, 20h SEM, MAZZIOTTA Nicolas, PERREZ Julien, RASIER Laurent, SWENNEN Philippe

Introduction à la linguistique générale et à la sémiologie, 30h Th, PERREZ Julien, PROVENZANO François

Linguistique I et pratique de la langue néerlandaise II
- Linguistique I, 30h Th, PERREZ Julien
- Pratique de la langue néerlandaise II, 30h Th, BUURKE Dominique