JAVAUX Emmanuelle

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Early Life Traces & Evolution-Astrobiology

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Bât. B18 Early Life Traces & Evolution-Astrobiology
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Emmanuelle Javaux is a biologist (UNamur, ULiege) with a PhD in Geology (Dalhousie University, Canada, 2000), a postdoc at Harvard University (Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, 2000-03) and a Belspo return grant postdoc at ULiege (Department of Astrophysics, 2003-05). Following her nomination as assistant professor in the Geology Department at the University of Liege, Belgium (2005-11), then associate professor (2011-13), she became full professor in 2013. She chaired the Geology department for 7 years (until 2016). She obtained several awards including a prestigious ERC StG ELiTE (2013), the Adolphe Wetrems award from the Royal Academy of Belgium (2010), a Francqui Foundation Research professorship (2013-2016), the Ramon & Cajal award, Centro de Astrobiologia, Madrid (declined) (2003¿2008), a Harvard University Postdoctoral fellowship (2000¿2003), the Geological Society of America Bleschmidt Award (1995), and Dalhousie University PhD Scholarship (1996¿1997) and Izaac Walton Killam Memorial PhD Scholarship, Canada (1993¿1996). In 2014, she was elected as a member of Royal Academy of Belgium.

She is the head of the Early Life Traces & Evolution-Astrobiology laboratory, and director of the Unit of Research Astrobiology, with Dr. M Gillon as vice-director, since 2018. She leads or collaborates to research projects in Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Mauritania, RDC, Russia, South Africa, and has several national and international responsibilities, including the presidency of the FNRS Belgian contact group «Astrobiology» that she created with Prof. V Dehant (ROB) in 2006, and the leadership of the Working Group "Evolution and Traces of Early Life and Life under Extreme Conditions" of the European Astrobiology Institute. She is a member of the Board of Governors of ICDP (International Continental Drilling Program). She is also co-I of the CLUPI instrument onboard the ESA-Roscosmos space mission Exomars 2022.  

Her research in Astrobiology focusses on the early evolution of life during the first 4 billion years, from its earliest traces to the diversification of complex life (eukaryotes); the fossilization and characterization of biosignatures (including studies of modern microbial analogs) useful for paleobiology and for the search for life in the solar system and beyond, and the conditions for planetary habitability.

ULiège Course

Micropaléontologie , 20h Th, 30h Pr, JAVAUX Emmanuelle

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Astrobiology, 45h Th, DEBAILLE Vincianne, DEHANT Véronique, JAVAUX Emmanuelle, NAZÉ Yaël, WILMOTTE Annick

Géologie et paléontologie
- Théorie et Pratique, 25h Th, 15h Pr, JAVAUX Emmanuelle
- Travaux de terrain, 4j T. t., JAVAUX Emmanuelle

Géologie et paléontologie, Théorie et Pratique, 25h Th, 15h Pr, JAVAUX Emmanuelle

Paléobiogéologie du Précambrien , 20h Th, 10h Pr, JAVAUX Emmanuelle

Paléontologie, 30h Th, FISCHER Valentin, JAVAUX Emmanuelle, PRESTIANNI Cyrille

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