The Rector, President of the C.A., Pierre WOLPER

The first Vice-Rector, Vice-president of the C.A., Jean WINAND

2 representatives of the teaching body (2018-2022)

Pierre DUYSINX, Faculty of Applied Sciences

Michaël SCHYNS, HEC-Management School

1 representative from the scientific staff (2018-2022)

Fabienne COLLETTE, Faculty of Psychology, Speech Therapy and Education Sciences

1  representative from the administrative, technical, and labour staff (2020-2021)


2  student representatives (01/10/2021-30/09/2022)

Lorris ARDIZZONE, Faculty of Medicine

Christian CLEREBAUT, Faculty of Medicine

2 representatives from external circles

Léon-Maurice HAULET

Patrick SIMON


The Secretariat is provided by Françoise MOTTE-TOLLET


Attend, in an advisory capacity, the meetings of the Executive Bureau: Anne GIRIN, Administrator.

Attend the meetings of the Executive Bureau: Jean-Michel BOELPAEPE, Delegate of the Budget Minister, et Pierre-Yves PIRENNNECommissioner of the Government.


Are invited to the meetings of the Executive:

Anne-Sophie NYSSEN, Vice-Rector for Education and Well Being

Fabrice BUREAU, Vice-Rector for Research

Rudi CLOOTS, Vice-rector for Student Life and Building Infrastructures

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