ith a view to bringing our students closer to the professional world and supporting them in their future careers, the University of Liège has established a Career Center; an informative page about internships carried out during the course and Jobdays organised by the institution.

Submitting a job vacancy or internship opportunity

Our students and graduates have access to an intranet which has various functions: areas where companies can present themselves and their positions (more than 1,200 career videos), announce company career events and publicise job vacancies and internship opportunities.

Job vacancies and internship opportunities can be posted on our career platform:

ULiège Career Center

By posting a vacancy using this form, you can monitor it (see when it is approved, how many views it has had), archive it when it is filled, or modify it yourself. The recruiter will also have access to a tool to handle applicants, while being able to view all their previously posted vacancies. New offers can be added quickly once the account has been created.

Vacancies can be multicast in one click to the intranets of several European schools and universities equipped with the Career Center Jobteaser by contacting JOBTEASER.

Which applicants will have access to my vacancy?

As soon as possible, each vacancy is posted on the employment vacancy sites on the intranet, which are accessible to:

To students

To graduates (with a Masters and/or Doctoral degree)

All ULiège courses

Hosting an intern as part of an internship

List of internships incorporated into courses and contact persons:


Meeting our students

Career events are organised within our institution:

Seminars and Jobdays

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