After World War II and the transfer to Sart Tilman

The transfer to Sart Tilman in a federal Belgium


he post-World War II era will be marked by two essential facts: the transfer of the University to the domain of Sart Tilman, on the edge of the city, and the transformation of Belgium into a federal state.

A State Institution, the University of Liège lived under the influence of the central State for a long time, leaving little room for manoeuvre, including in the appointment of its professors. An in-depth change occurred in 1953 when the legislator granted the State Universities autonomy in their management and in the modes of designation of academic authorities. The same year also saw the creation of a Board of Directors under the chairmanship of the Rector; the School and University Construction Fund was born.

These significant changes allowed the Rector Marcel Dubuisson to launch, starting in 1954, the project to transfer the University to Sart Tilman, a wooded area of more than 2,000 ha., located on the hills overlooking the city. It is there that the university was set up, in keeping with nature. Construction began in 1962. However, the recurring lack of means would slow down completion of the works and require university authorities to postpone investments several times. Today, the Sart Tilman campus hosts about 3/5th of the university activities, as well as the University Hospital Center (CHU of Liège).

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