For whom?                

Any student regularly enrolled in the records of ULiège.


In personal injury: in case of bodily injury...

no intervention of the "bodily injury" coverage in case of illness. The student is covered by their mutual insurance as long as there exist mutual agreements with the mission country.

Liability: In the event of damage to a third party or property of a third party


During activities at ULiège or on the normal route that the student must take in order to get from their home to the place of their activities (and vice versa).

When completing an internship, a company visit, both in Belgium and abroad, provided for in the curriculum.

University activities?

Any activity related to university life, both within and outside the walls, during and after school hours (including holidays and holidays), both in Belgium and abroad.

Activities that are exclusively the result of private student initiative are not taken into account.

What to do in case of accident?

Return, within 8 days and to the Legal Department, enclosing a medical certificate, the declaration form:

  • "bodily injury" for accidents occurring during university activities
  • "work-related accident" for accidents occurring during internships

The procedure for the reimbursement of expenses incurred as a result of the accident is as follows:

  • pay the bills,
  • apply in the 1st place for the intervention of the mutual,
  • send to Ethias the receipt of the mutual insurance (the insurance takes effect in complement to the reimbursements of the mutual).

Stay abroad?

Any stay abroad as part of the curriculum must be the subject of an application for authorisation from the Dean and the Rector (downloadable form). In addition, it is essential to consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( nation) for any travel to countries likely to be declared at risk, on health, economic or political plan. An information note is also available.

The student who travels abroad as part of an educational framework can take out an "Ethias assistance Privilège" insurance policy with the legal department (intervention in case of repatriation, health care, hospitalisation costs...). The cost, charged to the student, varies according to the place and the duration of the stay.

Legal Affairs Department - Insurance
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