Combining a current or future professional project with your personal life path: the University community is particularly attentive to individual and collective well-being within the institution. ULiège places a number of values at the heart of its principles, including mutual respect, tolerance and openness.


Support for students  

At ULiège, each student can find personalized support to help him or her succeed, develop and reconcile studies and personal life.  

quality of life for students


2019-2020 Campaign


Well-being at work requires respect for the integrity of each individual.  The 2019-2020 academic year was marked by an awareness campaign #RESPECT.

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Stop harassment   

The ULiège authorities place the well-being of each and every one of us at the top of their list of priorities, by combating situations of daily violence and harassment.

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Well-being at ULiège


Student Affairs Department

Staff members, trainees, jobbers, etc.

The Cellule Risques Psychosociaux - SUPHT (Service Universitaire de Protection et d'Hygiène du Travail) and the Trusted persons :

Cohezio : External Service of Prevention and Protection at Work.

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