Sexual Violence and Harassment – Together We Can Fight It!

Our Commitment

Nearly 20% of youths say that they have been victims of sexism, sexual harassment and bullying.

#Respect: Together, we can fight this!

Are you a victim? Talk to us!

Share your discomfort, your fears, your turmoil. We can help you find the strength to carry on, know how to react and can give you information on the possible next steps.


Are you a witness? Your role is important!

Your support for the victim is essential, and, thanks to the laws in place since 2016, you can also report any 'borderline' behaviour to the police.  The police can file a complaint and may pursue criminal proceedings.

Taking action is important because, by remaining silent, witnesses are indirectly helping to sustain or even encourage the violence and harassment.


A line that shouldn’t be crossed...

Harassment can be conscious and deliberate, but it can also be that little jokes are taken badly or seen as harassment by others, depending on their sensitivity. Think about it!

Your institution is committed to the fight!  

The ULiège authorities are committed to making well-being a priority, by combating situations of daily violence and harassment, by acting on the three fundamental axes highlighted in Ministerial Circular 8526:

  • Information for victims and perpetrators on existing legislation and support services, both internally and externally, via an identified contact point within the institution;
  • Prevention and awareness;
  • Training for teachers and staff.

ULiège, in addition to these three areas highlighted by the Ministry, is also committed to:

  • Supporting and accompanying members of the university community with any necessary steps, and managing procedures for incidents involving members of the university community that take place in the context of learning activities, internships, work, or on the institution's premises. 
  • Training of student groups, associations, committees, etc.  

Harassment and all forms of sexual violence are punishable by law!

Who should you contact?

At ULiège, a special contact can listen to you confidentially and help you in your possible steps:


Workers (staff members, trainees, jobbers, etc.):

Would you like to submit a testimony anonymously?


Outside ULiège, there are various organisations providing assistance to victims, first-line legal aid and support services for victims and perpetrators.  They provide free information, personal support, legal aid and psychological support.

List and description of external organisations

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