The culture of quality is one of the priorities of the University of Liège. Many initiatives are taken within the institution for the improvement of teaching, research and administrative operations.

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uality management is one of the explicit challenges for ULiège since 1998 at least, with the first institutional assessment request by the European Association of Universities, of which it is a member. Since then, a number of initiatives have been undertaken for the improvement of teaching, research and the administrative operations of the institution.

The challenge of the institution's quality management is to develop a culture of quality, and that it defines by two key phrases: "fitness for purpose" (critical assessment of the adequacy between the objectives and the means) and "capacity for change" (the ability to adjust). They include the assessment of achievements (analytical dimension) and the definition of new objectives (prospective dimension). This mainly results in the implementation of five-year evaluations of training, research and administrative entities and the definition of action plans by these same entities.

Quality at ULiège : quality management and support service

quality in Wallonia-Brussels Federation: Aeqes

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