The Property Resources Administration (ARI) has for mission to:

  • manage the entire property portfolio of the Institution, from buildings to roads and green spaces. It ensures the daily maintenance (cleaning, repairs...) as well as the major repairs made necessary over time
  • execute the decisions of the Board of Directors concerning investments in new construction and accommodation. In this capacity, it manages the bidding documents while being the technical interlocutor of the project authors and companies in charge of studies and works.
  • participate in the urban development of the Sart Tilman estate
  • take charge of the management of various real estate transactions (purchases, sales, rentals...), develop tenders and contracts for the supply of energy (gas, fuel, etc.) and take care of the water supply and the disposal of waste water and waste in accordance with the standards in force
  • participate in the development of an energy policy, which is today indispensable, of the Institution and implement the decisions of the Board of Directors in this regard
  • implement security measures concerning buildings (fire, access control, site surveillance...)

Property Resources Administration intranet (restricted access)


Management: Catherine COPPENS

Management Assistant: Paul ANTOINE

Executive Assistant: Elisa DUBART

  • Technical services: Maintenance unit, Services unit, Projects unit, Programming unit, Urbanism and Mobility unit, Energy and Environment unit
  • Administrative Services: Administration and Finance unit, Property Management unit
Property Resources Administration

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