University Department for the Physical Control of Radiation (SUCPR)



ince its creation in 1965, the University’s Department for the Physical Control of Radiation is responsible for applying and respecting the Royal Decree regarding the General Regulation for the protection of the population and workers against the danger of ionising radiation (RGPRI).

The SUCPR assures several missions:

We are regularly led to provide professional training outside the university framework or to share our expertise with external firms.

  • regular periodic checks of the University of Liège’s facilities and the CHU of Liège
  • information on radiation protection of staff, training of students from different faculties
  • calculation of shielding from different types of facilities involving ionising radiation
  • Hall management and decay of the radioactive waste produced by the University services or hospital, as well as those generated by external firms with which it is associated
  • realisation of dosimetry through OSL (Optically Stimulated Luminescence) of all the staff of the institution and of the University Hospital but also to private enterprises, laboratories and healthcare throughout Belgium
  • professional training outside the University setting and expertise offered to external firms

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Management: Véra PIRLET

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University Department for the Physical Control of Radiation (SUCPR)
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