The Registration and Admission Office ensures:

  • registration of students for academic courses, to the Community Board, to individual courses...
  • the management of exemptions (tripling, degree accumulation...), segmenting and particular sessions (advanced or special sessions) and any other mission related to the student (educational leave...)
  • the admissions procedures for international students (European, or non-European) or students wishing to validate a previous programme carried out in Belgium
  • assistance for students in their efforts to validate personal or professional acquired experience.

Registration and admission office intranet (restricted access)


Management: Laurence DEGEIMBRE

Team: Monia BETTAHI, Émilie CASAGRANDE, Stéphanie COLLARD, Sandrine DACHY, Julie DUYSENS, Virginie FASSIN, Angélique FONTAINE, Christophe GÉROUVILLE, Carina GIACOMEL, Stéphanie GOHY, Caroline GRÉGOIRE, Alicia JOUCK, Jonathan KELLENS, Jessica LAMBERT, Virginie LEMOINE, Marie MANGON, Stéphanie MASSET, Marlène MARCHAL, Manon NIMAL, Philip PIJCKE, Bérengère PIROTON, Julie PLEINNEVAUX, Morgane SASSI, Carine VANDE WIELE, Delphine VERDEUR, Mélanie VIELLEVOYE

Registration and Admission Office

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