Public contracts, purchases and commitments (CESAME)


CESAME is the acronym for "Cellule d'Examen et de Suivi des Achats, Marchés et Engagements". Born from the will of the Board of Directors to bring together in a single management structure the different competences in the field of public procurement, its mission is to accompany, advise and assist the members of the University Community to carry out a project in compliance with public procurement legislation.



CESAME is composed :

  • The mission of the "Purchasing - Public Procurement" unit is : 
    • Whatever the amount: information, training, support and advice; 
    • Amount in excess of €140,000 excluding VAT: supervise/manage the procurement procedure (from the definition of the need to the order), on the request of the applicant;
    • Manage the so-called institutional markets intended for the whole Institution (from the analysis of the need, through market prospecting, to the monitoring of the execution of the contract).
  • From "Commitment Control" whose mission is to control all expenditure in excess of €22,800 excluding VAT and to advise on procedures up to €140,000 excluding VAT.
  • A "Legal Advice" unit which provides support throughout the proceedings or in the context of any dispute arising in connection with a public procurement contract.
Public contracts, purchases and commitments (CESAME)

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