he General IT Department (SEGI) was created in 1981 by the Board of Directors of the University and reports directly to it. The SEGI is proficient in logistics in all areas of automatic information processing.

In addition to classic computing, this includes micro-computing and office automation, information technology applied to multimedia, computer networks, IP telephony, the management of institutional servers, Internet services and Intranet, institutional administrative applications...

The SEGI is responsible for providing the Board of Directors with an adequate organisation of the general-purpose computer resources necessary for the proper functioning of the University

The General IT Department (SEGI) has for mission to:

  • propose a general strategy to optimally distribute these computing resources, both material and personnel, avoiding any duplication of functions that would lead to an overall increase in costs
  • establish recommendations regarding standards, the network architecture, the database systems and all general-purpose systems
  • give an opinion prior to any purchase, rental and use of computer hardware (computer and peripherals) or software involved, in order to maintain compatibility and to reduce the costs of maintenance, with the exception of common office materials
  • provide an opinion to the Board of Directors on budget projects and the accounts of the Decentralised IT Units (UDI)
  • manage the computer resources, networks and applications under its responsibility


Management: Didier KORTHOUDT

Executive Assistant: Véronique MATTERNE

  • Operations Centre
  • Development Centre
  • ULIS Centre
  • Support unit


The SEGI has earned several certifications:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO27001

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General: segi@uliege.be

Employment: jobs.segi@uliege.be

Helpdesk: helpdesk.segi@uliege.be

For all questions, whether technical or non-technical, make a request with SAM, your IT assistant.

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